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Private Pilot Licence

If you have decided to obtain your private pilots’ license, you should consider what sort of flying you wish to do after you have acquired your license. Flying is by no means a simple hobby, it involves a lot of thought and is a continuing learning experience.

Many flying schools claim to train the best pilots. We at Air-Hart Aviation will guarantee the commitment to train you to the highest standard that you can reach. Flying is about learning, dedication, excellence, hard work, and ultimately the reward of reaching seemingly unattainable goals.

We at Air-Hart Aviation are prepared to advise you taking into account your personal requirements. The unique and varied topography of our vast country demands that all pilots possess extensive knowledge of meteorology, navigation and flying techniques. At Air-Hart Aviation, all the techniques required to fly under various conditions will be mastered, and in fact form the basis for our competent flight training.

Although flying may be a hobby for you, it is imperative to be as knowledgeable as possible. We will encourage you to gain this knowledge through competent flight training and a comprehensive ground school system.You will have the satisfaction of knowing that any flight you make will be safe, thanks to your training at Air-Hart Aviation.

Air-Hart Aviation is a recognized leader in floatplane training but to better serve our students and offer a single place to meet their landplane requirements, we have recently added a Cessna 150 landplane to our fleet. Licensing on landplane is available when we can convince our guys to leave the water to go to the airport!

Note: It’s not advised to switch aircraft’s during your PPL
* Minimum hours are quoted–individual students may require additional time. Above prices do not include tax.

Online Private Pilot Ground School

The ground school follows the approved guide-line from Transport Canada and will prepare students for the written examination as well as practical flight operations.

Here are some descriptions of the online ground school classes:

Theory of Flight: Theory of flight will cover Bernoulli’s Theorem, Newton’s Laws, and the forces that act on an aircraft such as lift, weight, drag, and thrust; flight controls and their functions and principles of design; propellers and aerofoils.

Engines and Airframes: This section will give an in-depth study of airframe construction and design: different engine types, the principles of the internal combustion engine, lubrication, fuel systems, fuel types, electrical systems, and environmental control.

Air Regulations: This section on Air Law will cover the various air regulations and “rules of the air” for practical flight. We will cover air traffic control procedures and the licensing of pilots and aircraft.

Meteorology: Students will learn the fundamentals of the weather covering the Earth’s surface: temperature, atmospheric pressure, air masses, clouds and cloud formation, fronts and frontal weather systems, the reading and understanding of pertinent weather information such as forcasts and met’ reports, and the effects of weather on flight.

Aircraft Performance: This section will cover the calculations and considerations for aircraft peformance. Altitude, temperature, density, and other factors that affect aircraft performance will be examined along with fuel, distance, and time calculations. The use of flight planning performance charts as published in the Aircraft Operating Manuals will also be examined.

Navigation and Radio Aids to Navigation: This section will teach you all of the planning, calculation, and preparation that are necessary for travel in an aircraft, whether it be a short or long cross-country flight. Navigational instruments, dead-reckoning, and pilotage will be covered including maps and other information publications used in navigation.

One of the most exciting experiences as a new pilot is going on your first solo flight. Check out Spencer’s First Solo!

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