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7 Hour Basic Seaplane Rating

Are you looking for your floatplane / seaplane rating? At Air-Hart Aviation, we will introduce you to the basics of floatplane and seaplane operation, including aircraft handling in flight, on the water and at the dock. The basic floatplane / seaplane endorsement is 6 hours dual training and 1 hour solo, including 5 take-offs and landings.

7 Hour Basic Float Rating Cessna 180/Cessna 172 XP

6 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
1 Hour of Solo Flight Instruction
1 Hour of Preparatory Ground Instruction

15 Hour Proficiency Course

Add an additional 8 hours of floatplane training to hone the skills that you learned while earning the Transport Canada Seaplane Rating. Take your skills to the next level with more advanced training in small lakes, high density altitude, mountain operations, and more.

15 Hour Proficiency Course Cessna 180/Cessna 172 XP

11 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
4 Hours of Solo Flight Instruction
3 Hours of Preparatory Ground Instruction

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