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Important Cost Savings

Most floatplane training operators are not certified by HRDC as a flying school and therefore cannot issue a TL11B. You could be missing out on 30% savings!

Air-Hart Aviation is a certified flying school and also offer PPL and CPL on floats. Landplane schools are typically certified but floatplane training operations are not. The average student gets back 30% when they file their taxes if they have an official tuition receipt.

Examples of cost savings (based on 172XP rates before taxes)

Hourly Rate

Regular Price – $295.00

After TL11B – $196.00

Seaplane Endorsement

Regular Price – $2700.00

After TL11B – $1435.10

If you are considering going to another floatplane training op to get training, make sure you ask them if they can issue a TL11B.

Please note eligible tuition fees include the cost of dual and solo hours under direction or supervision that are required to obtain applicable licenses or ratings and are an integral part of a course of study, up to the minimum flight training requirements of Transport Canada. Eligible tuition fees do not include costs or other fees incurred that relate to use of an aircraft to get flying experience over and above the minimum hours required to obtain your rating or license. In other words, if you already have your CPL license and then get the floatplane rating, you can claim the rating as it is a rating but not the build up hours.


Air-Hart Aviation is certified by HRSDC as a flight school. If you are currently unemployed and on EI, you may qualify for course funding for our 50-Hour Professional Floatplane program and/or CPL. Look up the Service Canada office nearest you to speak with a counsellor about how to get started.

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