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Why Convert on Floats?

If you are looking to convert your international license with the intention of working as a floatplane pilot in Canada, Air-Hart Aviation is the right choice for you. Air-Hart Aviation is the only certified flying school in Canada that offers Foreign License Conversion on floats. This allows you to “kill two birds with one stone”. We’ll help you convert your foreign license while building valuable floatplane hours. Depending on your foreign license, the requirements vary. When converting from a foreign license that requires a flight test, the focus on flight training will be getting you to flight test standards. How many hours that takes varies for each student, however we do recommend investing in 50 hours on floats if your goal is to work as a floatplane pilot.

Regardless of which type of conversion, you must also undergo Transport Canada’s Aviation Language Proficiency Test.

See sub menu items for details on each conversion process.

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