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Commercial Pilot Licence

Air-Hart Aviation approaches its commercial pilot training program with you, the all-important student, in mind. We offer all levels of flight education, from the standard Transport Canada Commercial License to advanced and accelerated Professional Pilot programs.

Training on relevant aircraft types in constant-speed aircraft will provide the Air-Hart graduate with the necessary edge. All our programs feature extensive ground instruction in Commercial Flight Operations, and makes use of computer-based training aids. Our curriculum exceeds the Transport Canada requirements and will take the student beyond the standard Transport Canada prescribed training.

You can be confident that your training has prepared you for a rewarding career. Bush pilot or airline pilot, Air-Hart Aviation will help you in your quest for success.

Air-Hart Advantage

Air-Hart not only allows solo hours on their floatplanes, but we believe they are important in training a well rounded and confident pilot. Add that to our competitive prices and the fact that the Kelowna region experiences more VFR flying days according to Nav Canada than antwhere else in Canada, and you are sure to fast-track your career. Ultimately Air-Hart provides you with the best training while saving you time and money. See VFR Competitor Comparisons.

Overview & Rates

Air-Hart Aviation has developed a unique syllabus to help you towards your goal. As a Canadian company, we realize the need for competent ‘bush pilots’ as well as future airlines pilots. The airline industry is always keen to hire competent young pilots with bush experience. Their hiring practices are cyclical and it is unlikely that all commercial pilots will have the opportunity to move into the right-hand seat of an airline partner immediately. Charter companies are often an option, and because of their varied assignments, they appreciate a well-rounded pilot. Some pilots who experience the thrill of bush flying may choose to stay within this branch of aviation for their entire careers. Air-Hart Aviation will help you through your decision process. Everybody has certain talents, and through our one-on-one teaching methods, we are able to advise you regarding your future. Flexibility and change form the basis of competent aviators.

Prices per hour

** Based on already having a Private Licensed pilot with 50 hours. If for example you have a PPL with 60 hours, you would only need another 140 to get CPL. Note above Landplane CPL still includes the 50 hours on floats. However, you can do less float time if desired and more on landplane.

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